20/01/2017 – Of all the albums to land on this year’s Best Of list, it’s the 2016 release from the quintet Moker that reflects the wildest personality. That personality, multifaceted and unpredictable, manifests as free improv pieces that send notes scattering like marbles at the epicenter of an earthquake, whimsical post-bop conversations that serve as a precursor to ultra-serious ambient jazz reveries, detours into rustic folk-jazz tranquility, and ominous ballads that speak to the heartbreak hanging over every love story and jazz-rock passages that imitate that same heart shattering into a thousand pieces. And more. So much more. The quintet of guitarist (and alto horn player) Mathias Van de Wiele, multi-reedist Jordi Grognard, trumpeter Bart Maris, bassist Lieven Van Pee, and drummer Giovanni Barcella are now five albums into their Moker collaboration, and this fascinating, fun session shows they’re nowhere close to peaking anytime soon. Dave Summer > Best of 2016 #14 Bird is the Worm

24/10 – “When Moker, the quintet of guitarist (and alto horn player) Mathias Van de Wiele, multi-reedist Jordi Grognard, trumpeter Bart Maris, bassist Lieven Van Pee, and drummer Giovanni Barcella, let the gates open and jazz rock mixed with ambient and free improv tumble out, there’s no reasonable way to nail down the personality of the ensuing ruckus. Ladder combines electro-acoustic passages with rustic folk, resulting in a rock-infused sound with raw power. The threat of heartbreak looms heavily. Ambient drones come to life in brief, melodic fragments. This is the band’s fifth album, and their wild imagination shows no hint of leveling off.” Dave Summer, Best of Bandcamp Jazz – September 2016

08/08 – “LADDER” has arrived !! Our fifth album is a fact and it’s available at quality music stores and:

el NEGOCITO Records     or    Bandcamp











10/09 – Party on 7th of October ! We celebrate our 15th birthday at Hotclub de Gand with lots of music and jam. So please welcome there for: “Moker’s Fifteenth Birthday Bash Jam

26/06 – Finally summer ‘s here ! No Moker on the festivals this year, but party in the fall as Moker will celebrate it’s fifteenth birthday  in October !! Most likely with a new release, gigs and off course party… All proposals for gigs, promotion etc. are most welcome as we manage this band all by ourselves and we sure could use some help on that level.
First of all enjoy the sunshine and summer energy, and reload those batteries to the max. Greetings to all of you… Moker

10/01/2015 – Our Belgian Jazzlab & Jazztour – tour was a big succes!! See nice pics on our facebookpage

11/11 – Recent German review on “Overstroomd” : read more

10/10 – Three weeks to go, and then we’re off… Check our agenda for tourdates.

19/02 – More good news! Lundis d’Hortense selected Moker to play a Jazz Tour in Wallonie most likely in December…

14/02 – Moker will be playing a Jazzlab Series concert tour in November… See agenda for more info & dates.

20/01/’14 – Moker presents new live video’s, recorded at Postival, Oostende 30/11/2013. Check out our brand new video page!

31/12  – Moker is on Facebook now.

24/09 – Some press & reviews on our new record ‘Overstroomd’: click here

23/08 – Our new album ‘Overstroomd’ is now officially released!!! Available at record stores or to be ordered online at W.E.R.F. Records. Also downloadable on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, Deezer, etc…..

… Muziek met humor: het mocht wat vaker (…) Moker is bezig een indrukwekkend parcours af te leggen. (Patrick Auwelaert – Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen)
…Un album qui explose comme un feu d’artifice (Claude Loxhay – Jazzaround Magazine)
… a cohesive album, but the quintet presents varied facets of their sound… similar but differentiated, like a parade of reflections. Pick of the Week. (Dave Summer, eMusic)