Dr. Impro

Impro guerilluero, guitarist, DJ, alto hornist, standup dada, record store…

Dr. Impro does en is all of this.

The Belgian jazz scene is thriving, labels as el NEGOCITO Records, Chopstick Records, Rat Records, WERF, etc… are producing loads of interesting records, though a lot of this music still deserves to be shared more to a wider audience.

Dr. Impro can be seen as a contemporary reflection on the “one-man band” artists of olden days, almost clownish characters that fused musical virtuosity and humor. Expect DJ sets with music from Belgian and international independent labels, alternated with live improvisational interventions & spoken word dadaïsm… spontaneous interactions with passing musicians and/or audiences may occur…

Dr. Impro likes to present himself as a side-show on music festivals and events, but tailor cut performances in interaction with other art disciplines (video, theatre, dance, visual arts) are also possible. Dr. Impro’s motto is:

Impro = Life = Impro


Mathias Van de Wiele: guitar, altho horn, electronica, DJ, presentation, record sale