Wheels is a jazz/impro ensemble that was formed in 2011 out of the collective urge of Mathias Van de Wiele, Manolo Cabras and Lander Gyselinck to make music together and to use the trio formula in search of a collective musical language. Later on Jakob Warmenbol joined the trio on the drums.

The music of Wheels experiments with the classic guitar trio format, it embeds composed pieces as well as collective improvisations and it bundles the intense energy and sensitivity of these three musicians.
Their music refers to great artists as Jimi Hendrix, Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, but deals with the  refined esthetics and concepts of contemporary composers as well…

All three of them are driven personalities who have been working for years with interesting projects and artists and live they perform in a most intense and energetic way.


Mathias Van de Wiele – guitar, alto horn, composition
(Moker, Brick quartet, Yelemani Trio…)

Manolo Cabras – bass, electronics
(Charles Gayle trio, Erik Vermeulen Trio, Riccardo Luppi 4tet …)

Jakob Warmenbol – drums
(Robbing Millions, Nest,…)